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Regular Council Meeting held June 22, 2015


Council was delighted to have Beaverlodge Regional High School students Cassidy Rheaume, True Lojczyc and Nevalda Alde attend the council meeting.  Beaverlodge Regional High School Leadership Program participants raised funds through perogy sales and presented Mayor Hanson with a $1500 donation for the Beaverlodge Health Complex.   Mayor Hanson thanked all the students for their hard work and expressed how appreciative the Town is for this wonderful contribution towards the important Beaverlodge Health Complex.

 June 22, 2015 Donation to Health Complex


Mr. Warkentin, M.P. was happy that he was able to attend the council meeting and commended Mayor and Council for being such strong advocates for the community.  There was some discussion regarding potential government funding the Town has or will apply for and the need for support at Provincial and Federal levels.  There are 5 MLAs in the local riding and Mr. Warkentin will work with them to increase awareness at Provincial and Federal levels of the priorities and concerns for communities in this area.  Council thanked Mr. Warkentin for making the time to come to the meeting and appreciate his ongoing support. 


After months of exhaustive dialogue with Municipal Affairs since the March by-election, the town was notified on Monday June 22, 2015, that the Minister of Municipal Affairs issued a Ministerial Order directing the Town Council be reduced to five council members for the duration for this council term that ends in the Fall of 2017.   Town Council was openly disappointed with the decision received although understanding the need to adhere to the requirements of the Act and subsequently the order forthcoming.  In a letter to the Minister’s office it was further communicated the disappointment of this outcome that affects both the Town and Debbie Schmuhl as an engaged member of our community.

Council supports and encourages the review of the Local Authorities Election Act by the Government to address circumstances of this nature in order that appropriate changes can be made to mitigate the risk of such a negative experience to other communities and their residents in the future.


September 2-7 will be an exciting time as the ‘Tour of Alberta’ will be underway – Canada’s first and highest ranked professional road cycling stage race!  There will be 15 Teams, 120 Cyclists, festivals across Alberta, some of the best professional cyclists from around the world, and coverage broadcast worldwide!  And, with as much excitement, Beaverlodge is on the map for the tour!  Watch for more information as the event draws closer.

Council Highlights - June 15, 2015

Beaverlodge Town Council has awarded a contract of 541,848.40 to Wapiti Gravel Suppliers a paving contract for 11th Ave from 3rd Street to 7 Street (Cedar Street) at the June 15th special council meeting.

Council has authorized staff to make an application of $150,000 to the Canada 150 grant fund for upgrades to the Arena.  If successful the Town will match the grant application funding request.

The 2015 Tax Notice and Assessments have been mailed.

If you do not receive you Tax Notice and Assessment by Friday May 29, 2015, please contact the Town office at 780-354-2201.

Tax payments are due on or before July 31, 2015.

TIPPS - If you are on the pre-authorized payment plan, you do not need to worry about paying the balance of your taxes, the notice is sent for your information only. Please note the change in the amount of your payment, the new payment will be withdrawn starting June 1st or June 15th, whichever your withdrawl date is. (not July as some notices have stated).

If you are not currently on the TIPPS program and would like to be, the form can be located on our website under the Community Tab - Taxes - Tax Installment Plan. Please read the form, taxes must be paid up to date in order to be eligible for the plan. If you have any questions in regards to the TIPPS plan, please call 780-354-2201 ext: 1011.

ASSESSMENT COMPLAINT - Must be received by July 27, 2015. You can find the form under the Community Tab - Taxes - Assessment - Filing a Complaint.



An update of the Animal Control Bylaw 917 was initially undertaken to improve sections around dog related items.  As a result of the bylaw review the references to horses needed to be taken into consideration given that a previous bylaw, Land Use Bylaw 860 approved in 2003 restricted (did not allow) horses in the Town of Beaverlodge.  Understanding that there were a number of properties that have horses, Council and Administration sought to find a solution to allow for (grandfather) the existing horses in Town; not to ban horses from these properties. Both bylaws allowed for horses to be in the Town for community events such as parades and agricultural events.

Prior to approving of the final Bylaw, Council wanted individuals affected with the proposed changes to be notified and provide opportunity for input prior to considering second and third reading. Concerns have been expressed by residents (both for and against having horses in Town) and the feedback and input received from the community was reviewed by the Protective Services Committee to seek options to address multiple needs for the community.

As a community, we need the ability in the future to control or exclude horses from within town limits and ensure that all properties are compliant with zoning.  The Protective Services Committee has therefore proposed the following changes to the draft bylaw that creates less restrictive measures to allow for horses on existing (grandfathered) properties:  a 10 year renewable clause, along with measures to initiate the possible removal of horses (6-month notification period) if residential development occurs on adjacent properties or complaints from residents.



The Provincial government informed the Town of Beaverlodge that it has been accepted to employ Peace Officers so that they can enforce provincial statutes.  Over the past six weeks Officer Mark Morrical has been extremely busy reviewing many of our bylaws and getting a handle on the dog and cat concerns the residents have had.  He has also dealt with a couple of unsightly properties. Officer Morrical will now be able to enforce and issue provincial citations if need be within the Town limits.   Officer Morrical will be conducting a bike rodeo in June for kids to teach proper bike safety.



Council passed bylaw 949 the tax mill rate bylaw. A tax bylaw is needed in order to create the levies to cover the expenses that were budgeted for by the Town. This year’s mill rate will be decreasing by approximately by 4% for residential from 7.77176 to 7.49471 and approximately by 2.5% for non residential from 14.64612 to 14.311182. Council decided to lower the mill rate in order to decrease the impact of assessment increases that occurred this year and the increase of Provincial School Tax Levies.  


Council received a presentation from public works on the work plan for the rest of the year. The presentation covered nine different projects. Brief descriptions of a number of the projects are contained below:

11th Ave Street Paving

  • Council recently has retendered this capital project. The close should occur by the end of May with council making a decision by the first week of June with a targeted completion date of September 1st, 2015. As in any tender, this project will be dependent upon final costs once the tenders have been received and evaluated, it is expected that with the lower cost of oil, the overall project should be financially responsible.



  • Council has committed $120,000 to sidewalk rehabilitation and construction this year. Three projects have been identified as major priorities. The first priority is 2nd Ave by the Mercan building. This area will have a new concrete sidewalk, with work beginning within the next couple of weeks; pending weather conditions. A small disruption to the businesses will occur as patrons will have to use the businesses rear entrances during construction. The second priority is 2nd Ave in front of the old Hansen Ford building. The third priority is at Town Square at the back entrance.  This new sidewalk will connect the building to the existing street sidewalk for ease of access by residents including folks at AMISK Court. 


    Tree Program

  • An arborist will be coming in the month of June to evaluate our trees so that the most seriously damaged or dead trees can be removed.  The removal of the trees will take place during the month of July and August with tree planting occurring during the summer-fall months.


    Paving and Patching

  • Pothole repair began the beginning of April with the use of premix. The Town has exhausted its supply over the month. This product is a temporary measure until Asphalt was ready. Asphalt plants are opening up mid May and the Town intends to purchase asphalt and repair the potholes using this mixture.  These repairs last much longer and it is expected to repair every pot hole within this season.

  • The town will continue with crack sealing this season. The materials have been purchased and the machines will be here later in June to repair the cracks.


  • The Town is expecting by the end of June to have the new patching equipment to repair large extensive pot holes. This new equipment is shared with the Town of Wembley and the Village of Hythe.

  • Council has committed $100,000 for these paving/patching projects.



  • In the fall, at the end of the campsite season will have some new sewer lines put in to increase the amount of full service units.


  • A couple of new informational signs are being proposed in different areas of the Town. Staff is working on different types and locations for the new signs including at the Beaver Sculpture.

    Baseball Diamonds

  • This $30,000 project consists of two new diamonds to replace the two diamonds where the new St. Mary School is being built. Work has already begun on removing some trees; new dirt will be coming in to build up the area and seed will be planted in June. The Backstops will be put in place this fall once the grass has taken root.


    Water Plant Upgrades

  • The Town of Beaverlodge water treatment plant is due for $5.3 million regulatory upgrades of which phase one in 2015 is $250,000.  This multi phased project will start with a pre-design followed by a detailed design over the next six to eight months with the tender being issued out at the first of the new year and construction upgrades in the 2016/2017 years.  Multiple funding applications have submitted to government for this project.  


Presentations fish ladder/weir

Council heard two presentations on the direction of the fish ladder/weir. The presentations provided a detailed history of the fish habitat including the decline of grayling in the Beaverlodge River. The groups continued to describe proposals as to how they would recommend to improve the situation so that it would be low maintenance to the Town but increase the chance of rehabilitating the river with Grayling. The next step may include starting the formal procedures with the Provincial and Federal licensing organizations. 

NEWS RELEASE – April 27, 2015

2015 Operating & Capital Budget Approval

The Town of Beaverlodge Council approved the Town’s Operating and Capital Budgets at its meeting held Monday April 27, 2015. The focus of the 2015 was to maintain existing services and program levels and minimize the tax increases, despite continued cuts in provincial funding.

The additional funding requirements of the Town for 2015 are approximately $198,000. This is largely being funded by increasing the Towns portion of the Tax Bill by $19.51 or 2.5% for each $100,000 of assessment. For a typical house assessed at $250, 000 the total impact for Town Services would be $48.78. Once the mandated Provincial Educational Taxes are included the total increase is $29.43 or 2.9% for each $100,000 of assessment or approximately $73.58 for a home assessed at $250,000.

The increase in the Town’s portion of the tax bill was higher than Council anticipated due to further reductions in provincial funding which were announced in the recent Provincial Budget. "The Town was on track to having a tax rate increase of approximately 1.5% prior to receiving news of the Provincial cuts and increases to the mandated education contribution" noted Chief Administrative Officer Chris Parker.

"Council is committed to maintaining a sustainable level of service with modest tax rate increases. I’m pleased that Council and Staff worked very hard to ensure taxpayer dollars are consciously considered in spending allocations and that valued investments are being made in our community," stated Mayor Leona Hanson. In addition to the range of services and programs being funded the budget also provides for the following infrastructure investments:

 Funding of $75,000 for Commercial Kitchen for multi-use Community Hall in new St Mary School

 Funding for surface treatment on 11
th Ave

 $120,000 to improve sidewalks

 An additional $124,000 for road paving

 Tree planting $25,000

 New Ball Fields $30,000

 Water Treatment plant upgrades $250,000

The Town of Beaverlodge continues to be financially stable, with competitive tax rates, growing reserve funds and manageable debt levels. By approving the recommended Operating and Capital Budgets, Council has ensured community services and programs are maintained and that prudent financial planning to meet future requirements are managed in the best possible way.


Mayor Leona Hanson

lhanson@beaverlodge.ca      ph: 780 876-7582    


Community Centre Makeover

Another 'dream' has been built in Beaverlodge - or 'rebuilt' might be a better term. With the tremendous efforts of the Build a Dream Committee the kitchen at the Community Centre has had a makeover! The $50,000 Project received a huge boost at Monday night's Council meeting when a cheque for $27,000 was presented to the Town by volunteers from the BaD Committee. Representatives from BaD along with spokesperson for the group, volunteer Wayne Bekkerus, were on hand for the presentation. Bekkerus stated, "after wrapping up our initial fundraising efforts that started when the Committee formed in 2010 to raise money for the pool (helped raise over $1million), upgrading the Community Centre kitchen was an easy choice for the group given the need for better space and some new equipment. We approached the Town as a partner to help fund it and we got it done - it worked out good." The Town is so appreciative of the efforts of volunteers in the community. Chris Parker, CAO says, "We have so many great people helping out to make our community the best it can be. We can't thank the BaD volunteers enough for what they've given to make the CC Kitchen remake happen. We couldn't have done it without them or the support they get from our great community - Thank You!" With this latest project completed the BaD Committee is eager to put their efforts to help another dream come true for Beaverlodge. What that is will be decided at the Committee's next meeting on Wednesday, June 10 at 7pm in the Walker Room at the Towne Square (new pool facility). Committee Co-Chair, Craig Milliken encourages people to bring project ideas to the table in June. Milliken states, "we're a group of volunteers who have been the drivers behind our fundraising to date. We want folks from the community to come out to our next meeting to help us decide, 'what's the next project' we should take on." He added, "running our annual 'Comedy Night' in October has become our main fundraising event now. Volunteering for projects to help benefit our community is why we're all here and we're eager to see what comes next". With 'Volunteer Week' coming up in April what a great lead in to celebrating the tremendous impact volunteers have on our community. Hats off to our many volunteers and a special thanks to the BaD volunteers for this latest gift to our community here in Beaverlodge...building dreams one project at a time. See picture of BaD Volunteers in the renewed Community Centre here


Are you a student looking for Summer employment?

The Public Works department is accepting applications for various outdoor, physical tasks.

Please forward your resume to the Public Works Manager:

1016 - 4th Avenue,

Box 30

Beaverlodge, AB T0H 0C0

or via email at rwilley@beaverlodge.ca


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